3 Ways Xactimate Can Help Your Restoration Business


3 Ways Xactimate Can Help Your Restoration Business

Xactimate is a leading estimation software used in the insurance sector, and contractors of all kinds benefit from its efficiency. In terms of your restoration business, the program allows for quick, reliable estimates.. How can Xactimate improve your restoration business? These are just a few of the perks you’ll enjoy.

Expedites the Estimate Process

Before Xactimate, insurance adjusters often completed repair estimates manually, and those estimates took time and were not exempt from human error. Much of the time, repairs and restoration can’t begin until that estimate is completed and approved.

Improves Estimate Accuracy

Simple mathematical errors and discrepancies in material costs can drag out the estimate process and cause conflict between insurance professionals and restorers. Restoration professionals using Xactimate share the same estimating software as adjuster that has highly accurate pricing information. As a professional restorer, you’ll rely on that information to accurately estimate any size project.

Ensures Precise Payment

Having accurate pricing for materials, labor and activities will make sure you get paid properly. You can take an Xactimate training class to learn how to use its sketch feature and the current pricing information in real time. Your estimates will be accurate down to the penny, reducing the amount left out of the estimate which could lead to the restoration company and property owner having to cover expenses out of pocket.

The Xactimate software program is renowned in the insurance sector for its speed and accuracy, but professional restorers can enjoy its advantages too. Xactimate can help your restoration business by streamlining the estimation process, automating tasks that are prone to human error, and staying connected to accurate pricing for materials. Take an Xactimate class in person and experience the difference this program’s features make!