Tips for Making the Most of Your Xactimate Training Class


Tips for Making the Most of Your Xactimate Training Class

Tips for Making the Most of Your Xactimate Training Class

Learning the ins and outs of creating an estimate can improve your efficiency and give you valuable career skills as an insurance adjuster or contractor. Want to make the most of your Xactimate training class? These tips from Pat Bell will augment your learning experience and set you up for success.

Take the Class in Person

There are plenty of quick tutorials and walk-throughs of the Xactimate program on YouTube, but watching videos doesn’t prepare you to actually use the software. Online courses may provide surface-level benefits, but Xactimate classroom training in person will provide you with in-depth modules and individual assistance from an expert.

Learn From an Expert

Would you rather learn to use Xactimate from a self-taught “expert” on the Internet, or an instructor who holds official certifications in the program? Pat Bell holds the highest certification offered by Xactimate and has been hosting in-person training sessions for years. Take your Xactimate course from a bona fide expert with the credentials to back up their lessons.

Use the Right Equipment

Xactimate estimation software is not compatible with Apple machines or Chromebook laptops. Prepare for your in-person training course by loading Xactimate’s X1 demo version (or the real software if you already use it for work) onto a Windows laptop. Make the learning process easy on your hands by bringing an external handheld mouse so you don’t have to rely on a finicky trackpad.

Stay With the Class

To get the most out of your in-person Xactimate training class, stay on track with your classmates and don’t be afraid to ask questions as they arise. Avoid the temptation to work ahead or finish up quickly—mastering the software takes time. If you do have questions during your training, confine them to the topic at hand to keep the class focused.

Are you thinking about signing up for an Xactimate training class with Pat Bell? Get the most out of the in-person classroom experience by arriving to class prepared and staying on track. Be patient with yourself and your classmates, and you’ll have an enriching experience learning to master this popular estimation software.