Xactimate Training in Charlotte

Whether you’re an insurance adjuster or a contractor who renovates and repairs damaged property, expertly using Xactimate estimating  software properly is a highly desirable skill. In fact, many insurance companies require that their adjusters be certified in Xactimate! If you need to add that certification , sign up for Pat Bell’s in-person Xactimate classes in Charlotte, NC. 

Pat Bell has the highest Xactimate certification offered, and he travels around the country offering Xactimate training in Charlotte and many other major US cities. Pat Bell stands by the many benefits of in-person training, including personalized assistance and a more immersive environment than virtual training can provide.

Pat Bell's Xactimate certification training in Charlotte goes beyond the basics. He offers personalized coaching that caters to all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Pat understands the complexities of Xactimate software and breaks them down into simple, easy-to-understand concepts, ensuring that students gain confidence and proficiency. His hands-on approach and real-world examples make learning both relatable and enjoyable. Whether you're looking to enhance your career in insurance adjusting, restoration, or property loss estimating, Pat's comprehensive Xactimate training in Charlotte provides the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this competitive market. 

When you sign up for Pat Bell’s three-day Xactimate software training in Charlotte, you’ll enjoy the benefits of focused and personalized attention. You’ll gain a wider understanding of how Xactimate helps adjusters and contractors process insurance claims quickly and accurately. 

How does Xactimate streamline the claims process and make contractors’ and adjusters’ jobs easier? 

Xactimate maintains a constant connection with online servers that update product and pricing information in real time. This limits the back-and-forth between adjusters and contractors looking to estimate precise repair costs. 

Plus, Xactimate boasts auto-calculating features that allow adjusters to input the dimensions of a damaged room and look up accurate material costs quickly. Contractors can compare costs of materials like drywall and flooring to choose a solution that’s both sturdy and economical. With Pat Bell’s Xactimate training in Charlotte, you’ll learn how to use this software to your benefit. 

What do you need in order to secure your Xactimate level 1 certification in Charlotte? Sign up for Pat Bell’s three-day Xactimate software training, and arrive to class prepared with the following:

To register for your intensive three-day Xactimate training in Charlotte, call (254) 654-9584. Class sizes are limited to allow for more focused training, so reserve your spot today!