Xactimate Training in Dallas, TX

If you are an insurance adjuster or a contractor who performs extensive home repairs and renovations, you’ve probably heard of Xactimate before. It’s the go-to software program for professionals looking to estimate property repair costs down to the dollar. To become certified in this tool’s proper usage, you will need to take Xactimate training classes. 

Pat Bell is an Xactimate-certified trainer—the highest credential offered by this brand—and travels to many cities nationwide to give in-person training sessions. Sign up for a three-day Xactimate training in Dallas, TX, to receive 22 Texas adjuster license continuing education credits! All of Pat Bell’s Xactimate classroom training courses are limited in size so that he can give focused, personalized training to groups in person. 

But how exactly does this help insurance adjusters and contractors do their jobs more efficiently? 

Xactimate is always connected to online servers and updates pricing information in real time. Adjusters and contractors can stay on the same page regarding material costs and maintain consistency in pricing. 

In addition, the software’s auto-calculating features make it easy to input the dimensions of a damaged space and look up the costs to replace flooring, drywall, and other building materials. Contractors can even compare prices of different variations on the same material. 

Overall, when adjusters and contractors both use Xactimate, property insurance claims can be filed promptly and with minimal fuss. If you want to improve your skills to give your career a crucial boost, sign up for Xactimate training in Dallas. 

Why attend this training in person? Simple—you’ll be in a more immersive environment in the classroom than in an online space. Pat Bell is so dedicated to the in-person training experience that he travels all around the country to offer these unique courses face-to-face. To improve your learning process, come to your training class prepared with the following: 

Register for your Xactimate training in Dallas, Texas, today by calling (254) 654-9584. Class sizes are limited, so don’t wait to secure your spot!